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Website Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy


It is advisable for even the most basic of websites to have clearly drafted terms and conditions. There are several reasons why they may be required, such as to:

  1. comply with legal obligations;

  2. protect the website owner’s intellectual property;

  3. impose acceptable use obligations; and/or

  4. where possible, limit liabilities etc.

For example, most websites collect personal information. Personal information may be collected by simple means such as a website form or through something more sophisticated like tracking cookies. EU data protection law (and similar laws in other jurisdictions) protect individuals from the misuse of their personal information. These laws regulate the collection, storage, use, transfer etc of data by a business. One of the purposes of a website privacy policy is therefore to conform to data protection and data privacy laws.

Special Offer!

We are offering to draft bespoke user terms and conditions* along with a privacy policy for your website at a fixed price of £145 plus VAT. Many small businesses will simply copy terms and conditions from a similar website and they are often not fit for purpose and may expose the business to risk. Is £145 plus VAT worth the ‘peace of mind’? We want all businesses to have access to affordable legal services!

*The offer relates to user terms and conditions for a website that does not sell online. We can quote for online selling terms and conditions. The offer expires on 28th February 2014.

This should not be relied upon for legal advice. If you would like any further information or advice please email

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