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Why Claric?

A question we are often asked is why a business should use Claric in favour of one of its competitors. I have listed some points below which give an indication of the approach we take when working with clients:

  1. In addition to advising on the law, we are mindful of the fact that there are also commercial considerations. We endeavour not to get bogged down in legal minutiae; “Advises on legal matters in a clear minded and logical way” 

  2. The fee clock does not start ticking as soon as a client picks up the phone; “much lower cost than engaging a major law firm” 

  3. We try to explain things in straightforward terms and avoid legal jargon. As Albert Einstein said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”; “listened to my needs…..and did an excellent job” 

  4. We support as little or as much as our clients require. That is, we try to provide the service our clients want/need rather than a service that we want to deliver; “professional, trustworthy and personable” 

  5. Often our role is to identify risks and explain them clearly so that our client can make considered decisions; “…his professional, practical and pragmatic approach [is] extremely refreshing” 

  6. We can act as your ‘in-house legal adviser – your first ‘port-of-call’ for all things legal; “The huge burden has been lifted off our shoulders allowing us to concentrate on….the business” 

If you would like an initial free discussion, contact us on 07837 762705.

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