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Claric Legal Services Acquisitions & Disposals

What are business acquisitions and disposals?


An acquisition/disposal contract is an agreement, or series of agreements, that governs the acquisition by one party, and the disposal by another, of part or all of a business or entity. Though contracts can vary, they generally take the form of a company purchase contract or an asset purchase contract.


Why are they important?


Buying or selling a business or company can be a complicated process. Often, buyers and sellers of small and medium sized enterprises find that corporate lawyers are not cost effective for the size of their particular transaction.


The legal terminology used in documents required for acquisitions and disposals can be off-putting and disguise the risks associated with such transactions. What are warranties/indemnities? What is due diligence? What is a Disclosure Letter?


How Claric can help


Claric can guide its clients through the process, explain in clear terms the terminology and the risks and draft documentation appropriate for the transaction. Claric can act on behalf of the purchaser or the seller and get involved as little or as much as you would like, so you keep control of the costs. Each transaction differs so feel free to contact Claric for a quote.


Get in touch

If you’re looking for easy access and affordable legal advice along with clear and understandable legal documents, contact Richard Jenkins on

024 7698 0613 or for further assistance.

What clients say...
"Claric Legal Services acted for us in the sale of our business. Easy to deal with, very fair and pragmatic. The advice was always balanced, clear and concise. There was no money-wasting, nor any signs of 'pushing-up the bill'. I am certain Claric saved us a significant amount of time, cost and stress. I would happily re-use and recommend Claric."
Peter Reeve
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