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Claric Legal Services Outsourcing

What are Outsourcing Agreements?


An Outsourcing Agreement is ordinarily used for a person or organisation (the Service Provider) who takes over the provision of one or more operations of another person or organisation (the Customer).


Such an Agreement can cover a wide range of service provision including web hosting, website maintenance, customer support, human resources, IT services, financial and accounting matters etc.


Why are they important?


It is important to set out the scope of work (ie the work of the outsourcer) in a written document as this can often be a cause of misunderstanding and disagreement. If there is no written agreement or if there is in place a poorly drafted one, there can be differing interpretations of the text or what has been agreed.


How Claric can help


Claric has vast experience in drafting such agreements and is able to advise on their content. Prices start from £480.


Get in touch

If you’re looking for easy access and affordable legal advice along with clear and understandable legal documents, contact Richard Jenkins on

024 7698 0613 or for further assistance.

What clients say...
"Claric Legal Services acted for us in the sale of our business. Easy to deal with, very fair and pragmatic. The advice was always balanced, clear and concise. There was no money-wasting, nor any signs of 'pushing-up the bill'. I am certain Claric saved us a significant amount of time, cost and stress. I would happily re-use and recommend Claric."
Peter Reeve
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