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The Pathway to Mastery - Part 1 - Training Your University Contracts Department


Contracts in Higher Education can be complex and the objectives are not necessarily the same as contracts entered into in the private sector. Reviewing, drafting and negotiating contracts is a skill that requires training and experience.

Minimising Risks - Maximising Benefits

Often, Contracts Departments at Universities have a mix of legally qualified and scientifically/research qualified staff. For those who have a background in research/science but no contracts experience, we can guide them through typical contracts explaining the purpose and implications of specific provisions along with the potential pitfalls of drafting and negotiation. For those with a background in contracts or law, we can highlight some of the peculiarities of the Higher Education sector that might not be obvious to those from outside.

We will discuss drafting a contract or negotiating amendments so that their university’s exposure is minimised.

We will discuss areas of contract law:

·        from indemnities to limitation of liability;

·        from legal/jurisdiction provisions to intellectual property ownership;

·        from performance through to termination rights.

By guiding the attendees through the provisions of typical contracts, we will ensure that they can minimise the risks contractually and maximise the benefits available. The attendees will learn the importance of risk analysis and the legal consequences of specific provisions.

Building the Right Foundations

Claric are also skilled in providing support from a more strategic perspective having been involved in the setting up and structuring of Contracts/Legal Departments in universities previously. We can look at the level and number of staff needed, the process, service levels, training, recruitment, essential requirements and such like.


To learn more about the services we provide, visit or contact Richard Jenkins on 024 7698 0613 or


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