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Ten Weird Laws

article in the Independent which professes to list the ten weirdest laws in Britain:

If you do not want to read the whole article, the following are the laws!

  1.  All beached whales and sturgeons must be offered to the Reigning Monarch.

  2. No person shall, in the course of a business, import into England, potatoes which he knows, or has reasonable cause to suspect, are from Poland.

  3. It is Illegal to be drunk in the pub.

  4. It is illegal to carry a plank along a pavement (as well as any ladder, wheel, pole, cask, placard, showboard, or hoop) in the Metropolitan Police District.

  5. MPs are not allowed to wear armour in Parliament.

  6. It is an offence to be drunk and in charge of cattle in England and Wales.

  7. It is illegal to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances.

  8. It is an offence to beat or shake any carpet, rug, or mat (except door mats before 8am) in a thoroughfare in the Metropolitan Police District.

  9. It is illegal to jump the queue in the Tube ticket hall.

  10. It is illegal to activate your burglar alarm without first nominating a ‘Key-Holder’ who can switch it off in your absence.

Conclusion: The law is not all stuffy suits and boredom!

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This should not be relied upon for legal advice.

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