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Stop the press! Claric Legal are in the Coventry Telegraph

Richard Jenkins from Claric Legal was featured in the Coventry Telegraph on 1st April 2015. He discussed why he set up the business and the benefits of being based at the Coventry TechnoCentre.

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New specialist law firm to advise SMEs

Jenny Waddington, Business editor

A LAW firm has been launched in Coventry to provide expert advice specifically to SMEs.

Richard Jenkins has set up Claric Legal Services at the Coventry TechnoCentre at the Coventry University Technology Park in Puma Way after spotting a gap in the market.

He moved to the site after receiving help from the Innovation University Enterprise Network which is part of the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship at Coventry University.

Richard completed his law degree at the University of South Wales in Prontypridd and became a chartered secretary while working at Ernst & Young.

He set-up an in-house legal support team at Coventry University before deciding to fulfil his ambition of setting up his own business to provide affordable legal support to SMEs.

Richard provides advice advice on a wide range of matters including commercial contracts, confidentiality agreements, complex share purchase agreements, IP licenses, joint venture agreements and website terms and conditions.

“I always felt there was a market need to provide SMEs with affordable legal support,” he said. “Often commercial and corporate lawyers work for larger firms which tend to be very expensive so SMEs will often leave themselves exposed by not taking legal advice or putting in place robust legal documentation.

“As well as providing traditional legal, contractual and commercial advice on a wide range of issues, I can act as an in-house legal advisor.

“My clients range from Coventry University and the University of Leicester to private sector businesses in Coventry, Warwickshire, Leicester and Worcester.”

Richard said having a flexi-desk at the Coventry TechnoCentre had given him the opportunity to meet potential clients as well as take advantage of its business services.

He said “There are about 70 SMEs based here just like me and some have now become clients because it ha been a great way of introducing my services at networking events and chatting to people around the site.

“The business is going very well and I am very busy. I would like to recruit a part-time colleague who has experience in commercial and corporate law and is a qualified lawyer, legal executive or chartered secretary who can help me as an associate.”

Robin Underhay, of Coventry University’s Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship, said Richard was using the expertise he has built up over the last 20 years to provide much-needed legal advice at value for money for SMEs.

He said: “Richard is providing peace of mind in legal matters which can often be quite complicated for SMEs in a variety of sectors.

“His knowledge is taking the stress out of legal situations for businesses which allows them to get on with the day-to-day running of their companies.

“Our Flexi desks service provides businesses, like Claric Legal Services, with the flexibility and opportunity to use a high-tech facility which suits their individual needs and budget while providing professional business services which is really important in the early stages.”

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