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Santa Claus falls victim to Identity Theft!

Identity theft is a challenge for us all, even if you’re an international gift deliverer, as the case of State v Hayes illustrates form the States!

Warren Hayes had managed to obtain an official ID card in the name of “Santa Claus.” He had also managed to get an official motor vehicle registration, AAA membership card, and bank account in Santa’s name, all of them listing his address as 1 Noel Drive, North Pole USA.

His stealing of Santa Claus identity came to light when Hayes/Claus was involved in a minor car accident and produced his Santa ID to the police. He was charged under an Ohio statute prohibiting the use of “fictitious” names.

Ohio Judge Thomas Gysegem said that because he had held this ID from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles for 20 years, Santa has been a “real person” since early 1982 and thus could not be liable. Never explained in the opinion is how the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle allowed a person to obtain and renew official documents in the name of Santa Claus for twenty years, I wonder what other interesting IDs could be out there, Batman or Catwoman anyone?

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