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Macismo International Limited: A Case Study


Businesses often require reliable and consistent ongoing support from its legal advisers who understand their business needs and requirements (ie not just adhoc Legal support).

Macismo International Ltd

Macismo is an innovative company which develops and manufactures emulsifiers and asphalt additives used in products and processes in highways maintenance. It has been active in the highways surfacing industry for over thirty years and distributes its unique products to companies overseas under manufacturing licences and distribution agreements. It also provides technology transfer and training in the manufacture and use of its products.

Macismo now has licensees in many territories including Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Scandinavia, South Africa and the United Kingdom who are authorised to manufacture and distribute road repair products using Macismo additives and technology within exclusive territories.

Claric assists Macismo by reviewing, drafting and negotiating commercial agreements on its behalf and advising thereon. Typical instructions might include:

  1. Macismo makes contact with a potential client and requests Claric to draft a Confidentiality Agreement to protect its information, knowhow, technology etc;

  2. After initial discussions and investigations, if the parties decide that they wish to work together, a Memorandum of Understanding is drafted by Claric which covers an initial manufacturing run in the territory to ensure that the product can be replicated with all its features and benefits as advertised;

  3. If the manufacturing run is successful and the market intelligence is positive, a five year Manufacturing Licence & Distribution Agreement is drafted by Claric and trading commences.

It is key that, during the above process, Macismo’s technology is protected. This requires more diligence than if both parties were based in the UK.

Claric also provides general legal support to Macismo including advice on its intellectual property and, due to the success of Macismo, is regularly called upon to provide services.

Claric and Macismo have been working successfully and collaboratively together for eighteen months.

Doug Shipsey, Managing Director of Macismo Interational Ltd. says:

For years we struggled with the burden of all our business agreements and the legal implications involved. Coventry University introduced us to Claric Legal and we were very quickly delighted and impressed with the extent of support and understanding that Claric can provide.

At each step, Claric takes care of all our agreements with our clients and have also improved/streamlined the contents. We now look a lot more professional. The huge burden of agreements and legalities has been lifted off our shoulders allowing us to concentrate on growing and developing the business at a much faster rate with confidence. We simply cannot imagine life without Claric.

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