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Claric Legal Services for Universities

We offer flexible, cost-effective and comprehensive legal support for your university.

Here at Claric Legal Services we specialise in providing legal support to universities, with a particular focus on contracts. We offer a flexible service charged by the hour and can handle agreements from beginning to end whether this process takes weeks, months or years. This flexibility makes us a perfect resource for your university research, contracts or legal team to draw upon in times of peak workload, sickness or long-term leave. Our affordable hourly rates make us a very cost-effective option compared to traditional law firms.

Services We Offer

We have reviewed, drafted and negotiated a wide range of contracts for our university clients to date, including research, funding, studentship, collaboration, knowledge exchange, consultancy, material transfer, and non-disclosure agreements.  In addition, we can also handle other commercial agreements. Thanks to our knowledge and experience of the university contracts process, our services are comprehensive and not restricted to the actual contracts themselves – we can also liaise with the relevant academics at your university, contact the other parties on your behalf and ensure that the whole contracts process is completed smoothly with minimal need for exertion from your in-house staff.

Our services aren’t limited to the handling of individual contracts. We can produce a set of bespoke contract templates to cater to your university’s unique requirements and preferences. If you already have a set of custom templates, we would be happy to review and update them for you. A good set of templates for the types of contract you commonly use can be a fantastic way to save time and improve efficiency.

Scope of Our Expertise

Our past work has included:

  • Small agreements involving just a few thousand pounds worth of seed funding, all the way up to complex multi-million-pound, multi-party collaborations.
  • Negotiating with international parties as far afield as Spain, Switzerland, Central America, India, South Africa, China, Mongolia, Australia and many other jurisdictions.
  • Working with both research and teaching-focused universities.
  • Research contracts covering a huge variety of fields including social sciences, medicine, sustainability, engineering and nanotechnology.
  • Assisting a wide range of private non-university clients, giving us a broad commercial outlook
  • Advising on and acting as a consultant on the size, structure and personnel for a university Contracts Department including sitting on a recruitment panel to recruit members of staff.


  • Richard, founder and director of Claric, spent over seven years working at a university in the West Midlands. During that time, he created and headed up a Legal Department and dealt with many legal matters in-house. Previously, they would have been outsourced to external lawyers at a high cost. Prior to this, he worked in legal roles for companies in the pharmaceutical, catering and professional services sectors. Since setting up Claric Legal Services in 2010, Richard has provided a wide range of services to both universities and private sector businesses.
  • Henry, Claric’s legal associate, has gained substantial experience handling university contracts since joining in March 2020.


Claric offers a unique and highly specialised service to universities. Our flexibility, low cost and comprehensive offering set us apart, making us the ideal choice if your university needs legal support. Whatever your institution’s unique needs are, we can help.

Richard has worked with the Enterprise and Business Development office at the University of Leicester since October 2012. He has provided a great deal of strategic support in respect of the structure, development and ongoing running of the Commercial Contracts team and has also been involved in reviewing, drafting and negotiating a number of agreements. I have found Richard’s support and expertise invaluable and his professional, practical and pragmatic approach extremely refreshing. He has been a joy to work with and I highly recommend Claric Legal Services.

Rachel Machado

Head of Commercial Contracts, University of Leicester

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