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Over the years, I have developed relationships with clients whereby they come to me as their first ‘port of call’ for anything legal. Whilst my areas of expertise are commercial and corporate law, clients will approach me for advice in many other areas of law and, if appropriate, I will help but, if not, I will refer to other professionals.

ShoeMed® and solesee® provide great examples of the variety of support that many of my clients require.

ShoeMed® Limited

ShoeMed® is a specialist in comfort and orthopaedic footwear. ShoeMed® delivers the very best customer care so that the correct shoes are provided for each individual even where he/she has wide feet, bunions, arthritis, diabetes, foot pain or anything else.

solesee® Limited

solesee® was incorporated after Lisa Preston (co-owner of ShoeMed®) developed a foot inspection mirror for people who needed to inspect the underneath of their feet regularly due to poor foot health or other health issues.


In the four years that Claric has been working with ShoeMed® and solesee®, we have:

1. advised on leases for two retail outlets;

2. incorporated solesee® as a company in England and Wales and drafted a shareholders’ agreement;

3. registered a UK trademarks for solesee® and ShoeMed®;

4. registered the design of the foot inspection mirror in the European Union;

5. drafted, advised on and negotiated a franchise agreement (ShoeMed®’s first franchisee was appointed recently).

With Lisa and Karl being based in Cheltenham and me being based in Coventry, we have had many Skype calls discussing the legal and commercial issues surrounding the above. Claric, Shoemed® and solesee® continue to work successfully together.

Having worked as an in-house legal adviser for many years prior to setting up Claric, many of my clients now see me as their in-house adviser. I am always at the end of the phone and clients know that I do not start the stopwatch as soon as I pick up the phone.

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