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Our work as legal advisors for NCEE in Coventry

National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship

(AKA the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE))

A Case Study


NCEE, a longstanding client, is another example of the variety of support that many of Claric’s clients require. NCEE is a private company limited by guarantee which supports universities to develop their entrepreneurial capacity. It provides a range of services ensuring UK higher education remains at the forefront of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

NCEE have their offices down the corridor from Claric on Coventry University Technology Park. Working in such close proximity allows Claric to act as NCEE’s in-house adviser and, from time to time, the Deputy Chief Executive of NCEE and I will meet over a coffee to discuss legal issues.


Over the years, Claric has, amongst other things, undertaken the following work on behalf of NCEE:

  1. drafted a Secondment Agreement for a member of staff who was being seconded to a university;

  2. drafted website terms and conditions along with a privacy policy;

  3. advised on issues of governance;

  4. drafted a licence of its intellectual property;

  5. drafted a Members Agreement; and

  6. reviewed a Consultancy Agreement.

What have other clients said?

Commercial, pragmatic, diligent, professional, approachable and trustworthy are just some of the words clients use to describe our approach to the provision of legal services. But do not take our word for it, see the raft of testimonials and recommendations we’ve been given.

If you need any support or advice in the areas of commercial or corporate law, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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