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Funny But True Court Cases

When we think of the law and the court process, we tend to think of serious and often dour circumstances. However, there are cases throughout the world which appear so incredible to the ordinary person that you can do nothing but smile.

That Coffee was Hot!

Would you believe that a woman was awarded over $2million after she sued a fast food restaurant when she spilled hot coffee and burned herself. Apparently, the restaurant served its coffee too hot!

Weather Forecasters Beware!

A woman sued a TV station when it incorrectly forecast a fine day. The woman was caught in the rain, got ill as a result and had to take time off work. She successfully sued for $1,000.


I am not sure whether we should laugh or cry at this. A woman tried to sue the estate of a man who was killed by a train when running across the tracks. Parts of the man’s body struck the woman as she waited on a platform, injuring her.

Sitting in the Front Row

What about the case of the lady sitting in the front row of the circus? During the show, a horse in the middle of a dance performance backed towards the lady and emptied its bowels on to her lap! She successfully sued for embarrassment, mental pain and suffering.

More Embarrassment

A woman was called over the PA system to identify herself after boarding a plane. She was told that there was something vibrating in her case and she was led off the plane to her luggage. She explained to the security guard that it was probably an adult toy she recently purchased. Not satisfied, the security guard made the woman remove the toy in view of the ground crew and passengers looking out of the window. She sued for being publicly humiliated by the airline.


Perhaps the law is not as dour as we think?

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