Claric's ability to identify and deal with potential problems before they arise is a key feature.
Open Exhibitions Ltd
David Edwards Managing Director
Gives a more commercially minded view as to the operation of law in order to smooth the flow of business
Advanced Construction Technologies UK Ltd
A C Benfield Chairman
We simply cannot imagine life without Claric. Macismo International Ltd
Doug Shipsey

Non-executive Director/Board Meetings


The Board of Directors is responsible for the operational day to day running of a company. Directors are subject to many duties and obligations imposed by legislation such as the Companies Act 2006. Boards will meet periodically to discuss company issues, make decisions etc.

A non-executive director is normally a non-working director who is not involved with the day to day running of the company. His/her work tends to be limited to monitoring the performance of the executive directors and offering ideas and suggestions during Board meetings.

Why is it important?

It is often very useful/valuable to have a non-executive director on the Board as they:

  1. often offer an objective view of company scenarios, issues, problems etc;
  2. can give the company a certain kind of prestige;
  3. provide balance to the Board and can often be a useful mediator if there is conflict between the executive directors

How will Claric Legal help

Claric has extensive experience of acting as company secretary and as a non-executive director. It can provide such services either on a retainer basis or on an hourly contract.