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Joint Ventures, Partnerships or Shareholder Agreements


Normally two or more parties wishing to carry out a joint commercial enterprise. The structure may vary from setting up a joint venture company or limited liability partnership through to a less formal structure where the joint venture is simply created via the contract (the latter being much the same as a collaboration agreement).

Why is it important?

It is important that the joint venture is defined/described and the parties’ roles set out clearly. Joint ventures can often be complicated so it is important that the partners’/shareholders’ rights and obligations are documented.

How will Claric Legal help

Claric recently advised on a joint venture between several parties which involved:

  1. incorporating a joint venture company (newco);
  2. sale of a business to the newco;
  3. licensing of IP to newco;
  4. investment and loans from joint venture partners to newco.

In addition to advising on the structure, Claric drafted all the legal documents required to protect the relevant parties.