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Contracts for Sale/Supply of Goods/Services


When providing services and/or goods in the course of business, the value of a written contract should not be understated. Such an agreement ensures that both parties know:

  1. exactly what is expected of them;
  2. their obligations and rights;
  3. the specification of the goods/services;
  4. how the transaction is to proceed.

Why is it important?

Detailed provisions will:

  1. provide clarity and help to minimise misunderstandings/confusion;
  2. set out the parameters within which the goods/services are to be provided; and
  3. how/when payment is to be made.

How will Claric Legal help

Claric can draft a bespoke agreement tailored to your needs and, where required, negotiate on your behalf with your supplier/customer or their lawyers. This is often undertaken at a fraction of the cost of utilising a solicitor. Prices start at £360 plus VAT for a straightforward Sale/Supply Agreement.

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