The Law Society has produced guidance on the use of electronic signatures in the form of answers to a series of questions. The guidance appears to be aimed at lawyers but it is likely to be useful for any business that enters into contracts from time to time:

Since the blog I wrote on ‘signatures’ back in 2014, electronic signatures have become more popular and lawyers are also more willing to accept scanned copies of agreements/signatures.

It is worth remembering that (see question 6) electronic signatures can take a number of forms including, a person: typing his/her name into a contract; electronically pasting his/her signature (eg in the form of an image); accessing a contract through a web-based electronic signature platform and clicking where appropriate; and using a finger or stylus to write his/her name on a touchscreen.


There are various ways of evidencing the entering into and commitment to a contract. This is very convenient but be aware of the risk of entering into a contract inadvertently (eg by email).

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