Claric's ability to identify and deal with potential problems before they arise is a key feature.
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Gives a more commercially minded view as to the operation of law in order to smooth the flow of business
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We simply cannot imagine life without Claric. Macismo International Ltd
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Why Claric Legal Services?

The cost of legal issues

A survey undertaken by YouGov suggested that small/medium sized businesses (SMEs) lose £13.6 billion a year due to legal issues. The same survey also suggested that SMEs with under 10 employees experience on average three legal issues each year, often incurring significant costs (many larger SMEs experience much higher volumes). However, SMEs appear to be reluctant to use lawyers even though it is recognised that not using one may incur increased costs.

It appears that SMEs recognise that ‘prevention is better than cure’ but do not necessarily put this into practice.

What makes Claric different?

The survey indicated that SMEs struggle to get what they want from law firms. We have therefore set out Claric’s approach to the matters that are important to SMEs:

  1. Ease of communication. Claric’s staff are always on the end of the phone/email and, if you cannot get hold of anyone, it guarantees to respond within 48 hours;
  2. Costs and value for money. Claric’s hourly rates are significantly less than traditional commercial/corporate law firms and it can provide fixed fees for much of its work so there are no surprises;
  3. Speed of service. Claric prides itself on its responsiveness and if it does not provide a substantive response (eg a first draft of an agreement) within two weeks (more often than not it is within one week), it will not charge for the service;
  4. Commercial approach. A common criticism of lawyers is that they often get bogged down with legal minutiae and forget the commercial reality of business relationships. At Claric, we recognise that a large part of our job when it comes to agreements/contracts is to identify risk and bring it to our clients’ attention. When a client is fully aware of the risk (ie where it cannot be mitigated/reduced), he/she is able to assess and make a considered judgement on whether the benefit outweighs such risk;
  5. Bespoke approach. When drafting, we try to tailor agreements to the particular circumstances. For example, we do not produce a 50 page agreement for low risk/value transactions!
  6. Making the SME feel safe. We endeavour to explain the risks and implications of contracts and their provisions in layman’s terms.

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It was difficult to find a legal adviser to support my clients and my own accountancy business but it was worth the wait. Richard’s support has been professional, punctual and, importantly, value for money. His willingness to help is a feature of his personality.

Martin Cox

Director, MCA group

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