Claric's ability to identify and deal with potential problems before they arise is a key feature.
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Gives a more commercially minded view as to the operation of law in order to smooth the flow of business
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We simply cannot imagine life without Claric. Macismo International Ltd
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About Claric Legal Services

Thank you for visiting Claric’s website. My name is Richard Jenkins and I set up Claric Legal Services in 2010 after being employed for more than 25 years. In those years I came to realise that:

  1. whilst there are many great legal practitioners out there, the legal profession is desperately in need of:
    a. a new image;
    b. a provider of legal services who spoke the language of its clients and whose charges are not i) shrouded in mystery; and ii) applied for five minute conversations!;
  2. many organisations (particularly small/medium enterprises), leave themselves exposed as they find the cost of traditional legal services providers unaffordable;
  3. the costs of disputes are far in excess of taking legal advice at the outset and putting in place robust protective documentation.

I believe passionately that all organisations should have access to affordable legal support and have the peace of mind, self-comfort and self-confidence that comes with such support.

I enjoy what I do and take great satisfaction from providing solutions to clients’ problems. My goals are to take the stress, anxiety and mystery out of legal matters thereby making my clients’ lives better and generally to improve the image of the legal profession.

In 2016 I became a finalist in the Coventry and Warwickshire First for my professional legal services.